Maciej Gamrat

I’m a programmer. I create things. I solve problems.
Welcome to my personal webpage!

About me

About me

I live in Gliwice, Poland and am a self-taught programmer interested in various branches of Information Technology and Computer Science.

Scripting languages like Python, Ruby or Lua are my great love. They are the tools that I use for web development or scientific computations at the university. However, when speed comes into play, C++ steps in. In my time off, I’m a hobbyist developer for a C++ powered MMORPG server since 2013, cooperating in a small team of developers improving the server and doing SQL-related fixes. I consider programming languages as a tool that should be selected according to the task, taking into account all the strengths and weaknesses. I’m always eager to try new things out!

At the moment studying Control, Electronics and Information Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Besides IT, my interests include politics, learning foreign languages and music (especially electronic and rock). From time to time, I play the piano for me and my family. Some time ago, I started to learn the basics of guitar.

Check out my skills

My skills


Advanced knowledge of C++ language concepts and patterns


Good understanding of Python, Ruby and Lua principles


Solid knowledge on how to create valid HTML/CSS pages


Working knowledge of database systems: MySQL and SQLite


Advanced knowledge of git and mercurial VCS and tools


Advanced English skill, both in writing and in speaking


High level of understanding and speaking in German language


Using Ubuntu Linux as my primary operating system